Ada Lovelace Fellowship

The Ada Lovelace Fellowship was founded in 2013 prior to the Open Hardware Summit at MIT by Addie Wagenknecht and Alicia Gibbs for OSHWA as a way to support and encourage women in open technology and culture to actively participate and foster a more diverse community within open source.

The 2014 the Summit team is excited to offer  five Open Hardware Fellowships which include a $1000 international travel stipend and an evening out with select speakers and chairs of the Open Hardware Summit.

The Ada Initiative, an organization supporting women in open tech and culture, will assist us with the selection process. By offering travel assistance again this year, the Open Source Hardware Association hopes we as a community can encourage more women to participate in future years of the Open Hardware Summit. We have many strong women leaders and speakers in our field and we personally want to continue the trend upward.

This is a crucial time in open source where we have the opportunity to shape the future of the whole field together. We invite you to contact us about sponsoring the scholarships. We are just on the edge of what is possible, Let’s be the change.

Addie, Alicia Gibb and all the women of OSHWA