Day 1 Schedule:

Starts at



Cultural Ecology
9 30 Opening Remarks Addie Wagenknecht and David Cuartielles
9 45 The DIY culture of tinkering, making and fixing Albertas Mickėnas, Tomas Bekeris, Simona Bekeraitė
10 0 Dependence and contribution Jerome Saint-Clair
10 15 Building communities for women in open source Phoenix Perry
10 30 Connected Exploration: How Open Hardware leads to Open Science David Lang
10 45 Hacking Hardware Creatively Micah Elizabeth Scott
Democratizing Knowledge
11 0 A Matter of Scale: Open Hardware and Civil Architecture Hagit Keysar, Liat Brix
11 15 Opening Industrial Robotics Madeline Gannon, Zack Jacobson-Weaver:
11 30 What’s Working in Wearables Becky Stern
11 45 Death to Black Boxes Jon Nordby
FOCUS SESSION: Manufacturing in the Open
12 0 Design From Manufacture Eric Pan
12 15 Open Desk and Wikihouse Nick Ierodiaconou
12 30 The Story of Phonebloks Gawin Dapper
12 45 Sourcing open source hardware Nadya Peek
13 0 10 years of Fab Labs, 90 years of Fab Cities Tomas Diez
13 15 Closing morning session
14 45 Opening Afternoon Session: Teasing Day 2 Workshops Simone Cicero (w Ben Tincq / Gabriella Levine / Eric Pan)
15 15 Open Hardware and Maker movement in the Arab world Ammar Halabi
15 30 Beyond snatch and grab ethnography, designing empathy & community into a product development lifecycle Hannah Stewart, Hwa Young Jung
15 45 The Future of Storytelling: A Culture of Co-Creation with Your Audience Yasmin Elayat


16 0 Giving manufacturing a new life Adrian Bowyer
Innovation and Cultural Revolution 16 30 The Gleaner’s Economy and Liberation technology Allison Burtch
16 45 Designers, The DJs of the Maker Revolutions. Laura Lospennato
17 0 NSA-Resistant Mixtapes for a Post-PRISM World David Huerta
17 15 The Power of the Right Message Jason Kridner
Implication of Open Source in Business and Culture 17 30 Analyization of OS Licenses and distributed networks Ari Douglas
17 45 EcoHacking the Future Tristan Copley Smith
18 0 The Open Source Advantage on Kickstarter John Dimatos
18 15 Closing Remarks Simone Cicero + Gabriella Levine


Day 2 Schedule:

Office Hours Room 9:30 – 17:00
A room for Conversation where people can talk about new projects, get to know each other and ask questions about Open Source Hardware.
This room will host two Q&A Sessions with OSHWA representatives such as Alicia Gibb, Addie Wagenknecht, Nathan Siedle and more speakers.The Two sessions are currently planned for 11 AM and 3 PM and will last for about an hour.The room will remain available for pop-up sessions and small meetups
Unconference Room 9:30 – 17:00
This room will host a day long unconference where you’ll be able to propose session topics around the theme of “Making Open Hardware Scale” – This room will be run accordingly to Open Space Technology format. A first moment in the morning will be dedicated to enumerate and prioritize potential sessions to be run during the day.
Workshops Rooms
9:30 WS1 Gabriella Levine: An Open Source Hardware educational toolkit
This workshop will expose people to the knitty gritty of Open Source Hardware, engaging with the basics of the definition of OSHW, how to choose licenses, resources for companies and individuals.
We will discuss some of the challenges that companies and individuals face, and best practices for releasing an OSHW product. We will discuss the OSHW toolkit, as well as OSHWA’s future plans. We will use this workshop to spur an offline international working group for OSHWA
11:30 WS2 Benjamin Tincq: Mapping the Business Models for Open Hardware
This workshop aims to explore the different business models for OSHW. Based on existing case studies and an initial mapping structured around the manufacturing value chain, we will discuss the strengths, challenges and applicability of different models (ex: product vs service, open design vs open manufacturing, platform model, etc.), and maybe come up with new ideas that haven’t been explored yet.
15:00 WS3 Eric Pan: Manufacturing Basics
This workshop aims to offer a 2 hours experience bringing ideas into real products. We will build a batch of secret-until-OHS-day-2 item from scratch, simulating processes from Design, Prototyping to Manufacturing. Hope you will completely immerse into the pain of under-engineered designs, and re-think DFM (design for manufacture) when walking away.
Access to the workshops will be limited and available on a first come first serve basis – OSHWA members can book access.